Author: Conscious Healing Global Team


SMART GOALS We can all struggle sometimes to achieve our goals whether its business or individual goals.   Often our struggle is not because |we don’t try hard enough, but rather how our goals have been structured. Anytime you set a goal and you find yourself struggling keep in mind the word SMART. SMART is an acronym that can be used to help evaluate and add structure to your goals.   SMART stands for :- Specific Measurable Actionable Relevant Time Based SMART begins with asking yourself “how specific is a goal?” Specific: This is probably the most important part of establishing or evaluating a goal.   The less specific a goal is the more difficult it is to determine the time needed to complete or how to measure success. Consider the difference between a goal to get healthy versus the goal to lose weight versus the goal to lose 10 kg. The goal to get healthy is much less specific than a goal to lose 10 kg! Measurable -The next question to ask is “How will I know if I am achieving my goal?” “How is the goal measured?” What determines success? Some goals may be best measured by a simple yes-or-no, like running a marathon, while other goals are better measured by using metrics such as the goal to specifically lose 10 kg. The key to measurement is making sure that in...

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