Being a curious person, I once went to a popular card reader/healer who very accurately read my cards and taught me a special technique that helped me tremendously in my life. Its called Becoming the Observer. The exercise was so profound that it helped me to drown out the “noise” in the monkey mind… I learned how to watch the thoughts and I write it as “the thoughts” because during the process, I realised that some of those thoughts were not even mine. Some where thoughts and ideas of the people closest to me. Some where ideas I don’t even believe in! It’s not easy to hold a practise for 21 days straight but once in the habit, it really is a wonderful way to melt away the chaos that we allow to plague our minds. This exercise taught me that we truly choose our thoughts and that what we think about most of the time is what we manifest.

I sincerely encourage you to join me in this practise because its really eye opening!

Below you will find the exercise as it was given to me, Enjoy!


Practice 10 minutes Every morning and evening for 21 day (without a break – if you miss a day, start at day 1 again).

• Sit comfortably, alone and in quiet, hands and feet apart. Gaze softly, not focusing particularly on anything. Keep eyes open throughout. The more ‘bland’ the view the better, especially when becoming accustomed to the technique.

• Begin to Observe your thoughts. i.e. Not thinking about your thoughts, not analysing, not rationalising, not intellectualising, not synthesizing (putting 2 thoughts together), not criticising or judging – just Observing (watching).

• An analogy that may help is to imagine for a moment that you are sitting on the banks of a stream watching it go by. You’re not wondering where its been, where its going, what’s in it, or putting your hand or foot into it to feel how hot or cold it is, or how strong the current is. You’re just watching the stream of your thoughts.

• When you find yourself ‘hooked’ into a thought, don’t beat yourself up, just let the thought go and continue. It is a practiced art, so keep practicing and Observing.

• Ultimately you will be able to observe your thoughts compassionately but dispassionately, so that you become unattached to the outcome of your observation (like when you’re helping a friend work though something).

• If at first you tend to want to drop off to sleep, press through. Your energy system will adapt to this new resonance if you keep up regular practice.



Being the Observer is a Tool you can, with diligent application, awaken within you and use for reclaiming energy. This extra energy is then available for increased perception, aiding conscious reality creation. As a natural process you should begin to include this ‘expanded consciousness’ in your every day. As you see a negative thought appear (one which is not in line with your aspirations for yourself), (literally) pat yourself on the shoulder. Say to yourself well done for noticing! Say to the thought; thank you for showing yourself to me. I bless you and release you with love. You are free and I am free of you. Then replace the thought with a positive affirmation (one which is in line with your aspiration for yourself).