Emotional health is the glue that binds Physical and Mental health and sometimes the effect of both.

April 18, 2017

Ego vs Pride

If ego is an over inflated sense of ourselves as it is understood by most, and pride is a sin - then are they the same thing, and if not, how do they differ?
February 24, 2017

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

You are unique. There is no one else like you in the entire universe. In honor of your unique self, it is good to acknowledge and embrace the special qualities that make you the person that you are. One way to do this is to not compare yourself with other people.
October 10, 2016

Are You Really Happy with Your Life?

If you are totally honest can you say that you are truly happy with your life or are there things you would like to change? Most people will say that they have things that have been left undone in their life. So why aren’t you doing them?
May 14, 2016

You are where you are because that’s exactly where you chose to be.

TODAY WE ARE INUNDATED WITH TALK ABOUT ALL OF OUR RIGHTS. We hear about civil rights, equal rights, women’s rights, minority rights, and many other worthwhile principles.
May 12, 2016

Your Degree Of Growth Is Directly Is Directly Linked To Your Level Of Teachability

If we were to conduct a poll among the readers of this blog to determine how many of you could sing or dance...
May 10, 2016

You are already everything that you are looking for

EACH OF US IS BORN WITH UNLIMITED POTENTIAL AND UNLIMITED options. As infants, we are quiet certain that the entire universe revolves around us. Things are only important as they impact or relate to our lives...
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