EACH OF US IS BORN WITH UNLIMITED POTENTIAL AND UNLIMITED options. As infants, we are quiet certain that the entire universe revolves around us. Things are only important as they impact or relate to our lives. It’s almost as if we were born with a banner that proclaims I’m lovable, I’m capable, and I’m able to do anything I set my mind to.

As time goes on, we make the mistake of allowing other people to write things on our banner. And they will write things such as You’re ugly, You’re stupid, or You will never amount to anything.

By the time we are through with our education and ready to commence with our lives, we are so burdened down with graffiti on our banner that the original message is often totally obscured.

No one can write on your banner or put a message into your mind that you will not accept. But in our own inadequacy, we often accept criticism from everyone and praise from no one. When people around us who know us well tell us we are special or valuable, we too often minimize this by simply stating I’m lucky or I’m really not that great. On the other hand, when a total stranger is rude or inconsiderate to us, we have a tendency to embrace their venom as something we deserve and embody.

Please remember that you were born lovable, capable, and able to do anything you set your mind to. Any other messages that you carry around with you are messages that you allowed someone else to write on your banner. Some of us need to begin to use the biggest mental eraser we can find in order to reveal the simplicity of the original message. Today’s the Day!