IF WE WERE TO CONDUCT A POLL AMONG THE READERS OF THIS blog to determine how many of you could sing or dance, I fear that we would receive the overwhelming message that the vast majority of adults feel they have no talent in these areas. On the other hand if we were to conduct the same poll among 4-year-olds, we would find that virtually all of them are confidence in their ability to dance.

Most of the 4-year-olds have little or no real talent, but, instead, they are endowed with incredible confidence in their own potential. This confidence, or certainty of success, is something we were all born with but we later traded in for a strong dose of what we call realism.

Shortly after we reach school age, we are taught lessons about the world that revolve around us, limiting our vision and becoming realistic. I defy you to find a statue or a monument ever erected to anyone because there were realistic. All dreamers, all achievers, all great people kept their child-like faith in their own dream and their ability to carry it out, and these great people had an inordinate gift to disregard the world’s cries for reality.

I challenge you to go through a single day exploring every aspect, not from what is realistic, but instead from what is possible. If we can master this, we will begin to revert backwards and live our lives in the unlimited realm of the successful 4-year-old. Today’s the Day!