Behaviour Based Goal Setting


Reaching your Massive goals this year will be tough. To be honest, its no tougher than last year or the year before that. Have you managed to successfully reach more of your goals year after year? If your like most people, we would wager that the answer is NO! We have found a strategy that works, that is powerful because it focuses on the being then doing. Your focus is on the task at hand while still maintaining the end in mind.

Behavior Based Goals is a guide that teaches you how to focus on your behavior so you can reach your goals quicker and more efficiently. This system trains you at the unconscious level making you unstoppable when times get tough!

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What you can expect with this program

  1. Behavior Based Goals is a 22 Page, +6100 word guide.

    Sections Include:

    • What Are Behavior Based Goals?
    • Behavior vs. Results
    • Behavior Based Goal Tips and Best Practices

2.*NEW Audio Book Behavior Based Goals is a 22 Page, +6100 word guide.

When you purchase this program it will include a professionally recorded audio book!  Provided in the following formats: mp3

Length: 35 mins

3. A Full 20 minute video detailing everything inside the book!

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